The Entrance of Thy Words Give Light

Psalms 119:130

Over 2 Hours!

Life-Changing Dramatic Audio

  • Build Christlike character in your life and that of your family.

  • Mends broken relationships within the family.

  • Reaches deep to the heart of pride, fear, and selfishness. 

  • You not only have a close encounter with the haunted chamber within our own hearts, but each of the setting sins of the characters reflect the haunted chamber of our own hearts.

  • You realize the the besetting sins of the characters reflect, not only the fear, pride, or selfishness within you, but all of these sins and more. 

Why Listen to this Story?

Hello there . . . we've been expecting you.

Life takes a drastic turn for the Trevor siblings as they must 

leave their bright home at Summer Villa and take up 

residence in the grand but gloomy Myst Court.

Gripped in the mystery of past tragedy and 

concealing a dark secret, the former home 

of their reclusive aunt is rumored 

to be haunted . . . Read More



The Haunted Room

Hardcover Edition ($26)

2-CD Set ($30)