A Poem for the Hurting

When I was listening to David Jeremiah on the radio the other day, I was struck by the story he told of one of his friends who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. God used the pain of these circumstances to refocus her vision back to Him. She wrote the following poem to express her journey and to praise God for His faithfulness to her along every step.

You can listen to the original broadcast from Turning Point Radio here.

When I was just a child of five and learned about my Lord,

I never shouted “prove it!” and I never felt ignored.

My hands were always folded in innocent belief;

It was easy to be humble, Him above, and me beneath.

There was no cause to question or to complicate this view,

And I’d often hear Him whisper, “Oh my child, I love you too.”

When I was one and twenty, and learned about my world,

How wise I’d grown, I’d outgrown God, my future was unfurled.

“Lord, you know me well, so I won’t pray,

And I don’t need you anyway.”

How soon, I’m one and thirty; why is life such a bore?

I’m falling short at everything, and everything’s a chore.

I have so much, I’ve done so much, this emptiness is wrong.

"There is no God," my logic cries; I knew it all along.

Lord I doubt, and cannot pray one whit;

I will not be a hypocrite.

Now I’m four and thirty and the void is magnified.

I do not understand it all, how desperately I’ve tried.

Disease has made its debut, and I screamed that it’s unfair!

I’m only given one more year, and I sink in sheer despair.

My girls are small and I’m so young; they say there is no hope.

The fear is all-consuming; please someone help me cope!

Lord, could that be you, that knocks again?

“Forgive me Lord, oh please come in.”

Gathering up the burdens, He said this about my strife: “You’ve been dead for over thirty years, and now I’ll show you life.”

Today I’m five and thirty; what a blessed year it’s been.

The fear was changed to utter peace; there’s happiness again.

What time unfolds, I do not know, but that’s not my concern.

Once again by grace I humbly trust a precious lesson learned.

“Lord, I give my all, myself to you.”

“Oh my child, I love you too.”

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