When Adults Act Like Children

Dear Mr. Finnian:

I’m nine years old and really confused about something I saw on television. Yesterday my parents punished me for calling my friend a liar. I’m not usually a mean person but he wasn’t telling the truth and what he said made the other kids think I was a tattle tale. While my parents were watching the presidential debate the other night, I was playing with my Lego bricks and got to see who might be the next president. I didn’t understand much of what they were saying but they were calling each other a lot of names. They both kept calling each other liars. Mr. Finnian, I have never seen adults act this way before and I wanted to ask you if this is how people act when they get to be the president of our country. Is it ok if I act this way with my friends? Will it show them that I am in charge? My parents told me that I couldn’t act that way any more but I’m confused; if the future president can act that way then why can’t I?

My Dear Friend,

I may be something of a No-Screener, but even though I don’t watch TV or read much of the news, I can still say without triviality that what you saw was indeed indicative of the nature of national unconstitutionality! And it was - let me check my watch - right on schedule! What do I mean? Well, the Bible says that in the last days of our earthly existence people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, and without self-control. Or to sum it all up: people will become wholly soul-ed out to the ways of the world!

You see, there was once a time when our country’s founders fabricated a foundation that set in place a pattern of law, moral boundaries, and the freedom of speech (AND WHAT ELSE? It couldn’t possibly rhyme with Reedom of Freeligion...!). But what has happened is that leaders have forgotten that true freedom isn’t freedom if it hurts somebody, or if it’s rude, selfish, arrogant, proud, boastful, and just outright ungodly.

The wisest man who ever lived said that it is righteousness which exalts a nation. Now, a nation is pretty heavy, so just imagine what righteousness would do to people. That’s right: before you know it righteousness will exalt you straight into a sanctified orbit! God Himself said that He would reject the proud but give grace to the humble. Now this isn’t easy when you’re being accused of something you didn’t do, as in your case. I feel your pain… really I do… and that’s because I was just bitten by a spider – OUCH! I hope it wasn’t carnivorous… down here in these tunnels under the pyramids, you never know what you are going to find!

So my good young man, I would like you to take a little journey to see for yourself. You may not be able to visit the Exploratorium, but you CAN meet a man who was the first president of the United States. And like you, he was also accused of something. But unlike some of the leaders you saw on TV, George will show you what virtue and dignity are all about and how we can be like him… as you turn the pages of True Stories of Great Americans for Young Americans… this is a book that outshines all other history books I’ve come across so far! Enjoy!

Still His, still yours,

Finnian Jones​

​True Stories of Great Americans for Young Americans

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