Redeem the Time & Transform the Mind with Charlie's Choice!

Introducing . . . A Special Summer Enlistment Program for Children of all Ages!

This summer is the time for your children to enlist in the most life-transforming movement history has ever known, yet few have ever dared to commit their lives to the cause. Today, your children are faced with the same choice that was presented to the young man Charlie by his friend Sam. Through all of his adventures, Charlie’s dedication to his Captain is rewarded as he ultimately comes to realize the meaning of true heroism.

Inspire your children to follow the Captain of their souls with Charlie's Choice audio drama. For more information about Charlie's Choice, visit the official webpage.

Listen to the powerful radio promotional.

Children who listen to Charlie’s Choice will learn the character traits and spiritual disciplines of:

  • Contentment

  • Heroism

  • Self-sacrifice

  • Obedience

  • Loyalty

Please, don’t let this summer pass by without redeeming the time and transforming the mind!

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