Coming to Lamplighter Theatre on July 20th...A 'Strordinary Little Maid!

Lamplighter Theatre’s upcoming audio drama, A 'Strordinary Little Maid, will be available as an MP3 download on July 20th, and as a dramatic audio CD on July 27th! We have provided a number of convenient preorder options for you. But hurry! Preorder savings only last through July 19th for the MP3 download, and through July 26th for the dramatic audio CD! "Your words betray your heart and I feels as though your heart needs a' fixing and I know's of just the One who can cure you, I do! His name is Jesus!" - Peggy Perkins

Story Summary Meet Peggy Perkins. This peculiar maid will delight you with her extraordinary ability to share the gospel. Encounter the good news in bold and often humorous color, as Peggy embraces her mission to send everyone she meets to the only Physician who can cure sick hearts. You will laugh and cry along with Peggy as she grows in her faith through the mishaps and mayhem of daily life. Her tenacious courage intrigues people from all walks of life, and her faithfulness invites them to experience the joy of the ’strordinary God she serves! Step into this poignant tale and be refreshed with the power and simplicity of life-changing truths. A ’Strordinary Little Maid will leave you with fresh inspiration to share the love of Christ wherever you go!

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