Introducing . . . Ask Finnian!

Finnian Jones regularly welcomes people of all ages, sizes, backgrounds, and foregrounds into his shop at Abington Falls, where he is always happy to put on a cup of tea and chat with visitors about whatever might be on their minds. Nothing excites him more than having the opportunity to graciously and gratuitously give Biblical guidance to whomever the Lord brings across his path. Now you too can experience Finnian’s wisdom, wit, and whimsical writing by asking him questions of your own! Simply send an email to where his assistant Jerry Riggsby will make sure he receives your note. So whether you’re looking for historical information, book recommendations, character curatives, answers to Bible questions or advice about significant family topics like sibling rivalry or career excellence, Finnian is at your service! Some inquiries and replies will be published for public perusal on the Ask Finnian corner of our new this website, but fear not, for Finnian will refrain from referring to your identity when responding to your questions. Finnian is keenly anticipating your coming correspondence, so send him a letter as soon as you can!


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