Raging Nations, Laughing God

“Why do the nations rage?” Psalm 2, written by David, is a treatise on the tension that exists between humanity and God—basically because man wants things his way. David, God’s chosen king, was placed in authority over land that God would survey from Egypt to the Euphrates River. He overthrew the wicked nations that occupied that space. Some people loved David, and some—even his own people—hated him. But that didn’t matter. God had decreed that David would be king, and no one was going to change it. Nonetheless, the nations did try to change it; they raged, beat their war drums, and fought against David. So often we do the same. God places authorities over us and we rage, resist, and fight. When we do, we restrict God’s blessings and favor. Psalm 2 is also a Messianic psalm. David, God’s anointed, is a picture of Jesus the Anointed One. Just as they tried to remove David, we see the same occurrence today. Nations will fight until death but will band together when it comes to God’s Anointed, especially if Jesus is at the center of attention. And they will go to the extreme to do so. God has two responses. He either laughs at man’s ridiculous attempt to have things his way or, if man doesn’t yield, He responds in wrath. That transition from laughter to wrath reminds me of my dad when he would suddenly shift from smirking to unleashing his belt on my behind! It doesn’t have to be this way. There is a preventative measure that will restrain God from unleashing His wrath. In Psalm 2:12 David writes, “Kiss the Son, lest he be angry.” One who is yielded to God submits to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Psalm 2 is referring to the Son of God! To “kiss the Son” means to submit to His rule over your life. This is illustrated today when someone bows before a leader and kisses their hand or ring. It’s easy to tell who rules your life. If Christ, you will be yielded to and humbled by the assignments He gives. If you want things your way, you will resist, rage, and fight. If you find yourself currently resisting, fighting, or raging, it is time to surrender and “kiss the Son” lest He be angry!


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