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The Lamplighter Collection of Rare books is a collection of Each book is beautifully bound, embossed in gold, family literature from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. These unique books impart God's truths through gripping adventures of young men and women that test their faith and mold their character.


Lamplighter Theatre helps to fulfill the mission of Lamplighter by bringing redemptive hope to the world through dramatic audio. Forged through the commitment and sacrifice of a dedicated team, Lamplighter Theatre now airs on 1800 radio stations in 29 countries. With the talent of world-renowned actors, writers, directors, music composers, and sound engineers, Lamplighter Theatre creatively brings redemptive hope to broken lives, and compels its listeners to live life skillfully and sacrificially for the benefit of others.


myLamplighter Book and Audio Club – build your own library of character-building stories in an affordable way while customizing the plan to fit your family. Joining myLamplighter will give you maximum flexibility and savings as you steadily build your library.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to speak with Finnian Jones, the popular proprietor, inventor, explorer, tinker, thinker, and adviser of the popular shop in Abington Falls on Lamplighter Theatre? Have you wondered what words of wisdom he would waft your way if you were given the opportunity to ask him a question? Well wonder no longer; you can now Ask Finnian!