Have you ever wondered what it would be like to speak with Finnian Jones: proprietor, inventor, explorer, tinker, thinker, and adviser too? Have you wondered what words of wisdom he would waft your way if you were given the opportunity to ask him a question? Well wonder no longer; you can now Ask Finnian!

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    Finnian Jones’ presence is impossible to miss within Abington Falls. An esteemed eccentric full of whimsy, wit, wisdom, warmth, and wonder—and always a wink––Finnian is unfailingly ready to give biblical guidance to everyone he meets.
    Finnian is also the proprietor of Finnian’s Antiques, Books, Coffees, Etcetera. Once you step across the well-worn wooden threshold of his shop, you’re transported to quite another place. At first, your nose awakens to the aroma of coffees and teas from around the world, then you feel the warmth of the fireplace, where antique yet very comfortable chairs beckon you to sit down and read or chat. Classical music plays in the background as townsfolk engage in rich conversations.
    This eclectic book store, coffee shop, and antique emporium is a place for Finnian to hold all the treasures he finds.  You see, Finnian is a world traveler––always on the lookout for unique antiques and fascinating flavors of coffee and tea. But what excites him the most is discovering a rare, out of print book from ages ago. To him, a book is not just a book: “these are worlds to explore, kingdoms to conquer, universes to discover, strangers waiting to become friends.”
 To Finnian, opening up an old book is like opening up the lid of a just-discovered treasure chest, or throwing open the door to another time and place.
    Whenever you step inside his shop, Finnian is ready to pull up a chair and listen. He’s fascinated by people. To him, each person is a wonder of God: a special and unique creation. And for whatever problem ails you, Finnian dispenses books like a doctor dispenses prescriptions, offering sound advice and probing questions intended to inspire those around him to pursue a deeper relationship with God.


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Now you too can experience Finnian’s wisdom, wit, and whimsical writing by asking him questions of your own! Simply use the form below and his assistant Jerry Riggsby will make sure he receives your note. So whether you’re looking for book recommendations, character curatives, answers to Bible questions or advice about significant family topics like sibling rivalry or career excellence, Finnian is at your service! Some replies will be published for public perusal here on the Ask Finnian website, but fear not, for Finnian will refrain from referring to your identity when responding to your questions. Any size and any age can write, but if you are under 18, please ask your parents for permission first. Finnian is keenly anticipating your coming correspondence, so send him a letter as soon as you can!

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Anyone under the age of 18 must obtain permission from his or her parents/legal guardian before submitting a question. Lamplighter Ministries reserves the right to modify and/or publish all correspondence in future materials which may include, but is not limited to, newsletters, catalogues, and websites. When sharing correspondence in this way, all names referring to the author of the original question will be removed.

Finnian Jones is a fictional character based on real people and as such is not intended to provide professional counseling.

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Right now, Finnian is in the middle of an archaeological dig under the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt. He's heard tell of a secret scroll dating to the time period the Pyramids were constructed (2630 BC–2611 BC) that may have been written by Noah's son, Shem!

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Finnian's Facts

  • The Great Pyramid of Giza weighs approximately 6.5 million tons.

  • The 3 Giza Pyramids are constructed with over 5 million limestone blocks.

  • The Pyramids took an estimated 23 years to build.

  • The Pyramids are aligned almost exactly with true North and South, an incredible engineering feat for that day in time.

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Finnian is traveling the world, searching for rare stories, documents, artifacts, flavorful beverages, and uncovering dusty, crusty, and musty secrets from all over the place!

Keep an eye out for his periodic exotic postcards from new locations around the globe.