The most important journey in life is not about what you get . . . it's about who you become.


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Finnian's Antiques, Books, Coffees, full of a lot of things, not the
least of which is books. But these books aren't meant for reading.

They are meant for experiencing. And just as Ryan is about to learn,

"the most important journey in life is not about what you get,

it's about who you become."

Inside the pages of a rare and aged book, Charlie is gravely concerned for the welfare of his family.

With a father staggering on the brink of blindness and a mother overwrought with work,

Charlie is convinced that the only way to solve his family's problems is with wealth. Determined to be the hero,

Charlie accepts an opportunity that will ensure his fortune and alter the course of his life forever.

But God has other plans for Charlie. And in the hold of an awful slave ship Charlie's true calling is finally revealed.

Hosted by John Rhys-Davies

from The Lord of the Rings

Hello there . . . we've been expecting you.

Join Charlie Digby on a journey of risk, discovery, and the boy dissatisfied with his place in life is forged through trials into the man God intends him to be.


Inspire your children to follow the Captain of their souls by listening to Charlie’s Choice. Children who listen to Charlie's Choice will learn important character traits and spiritual disciplines...Read More

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Life-Changing Dramatic Audio

Why Listen to this Story?

  • Build's Christlike character in your life and that of your family.

  • Children will see the character traits of obedience, loyalty, gratitude, and biblical heroism displayed in Charlie’s life.

  • This story challenges listeners to evaluate their priorities from an eternal perspective, opening their eyes to the lasting importance of God, their callings, and their families.

  • Children will be encouraged to “enlist in the Lord’s army” as they learn what it means to count the cost of committing one’s life to Christ.

  • Richard and Marianne provide examples of godly parenting as they trust in Christ to guide and protect their son Charlie, no matter where life leads him!

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Hardcover Edition ($20)