Trust ye in the Lord forever: for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength.

Isaiah 26:4

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Far north of the Alps, in the Jura Mountains, a boy and his grandfather are trapped in their chalet. A fierce snowstorm has cut off all paths of rescue. Young Jacques and his grandfather battle a fire, narrowly escape an avalanche, and encounter a terrifying pack of hungry wolves.


Based on a true story, Buried in the Snow will rivet you, amaze you, and inspire you as Jacques and his grandfather face the ultimate test of all—a test of their faith. And then the unthinkable happens. When death, doubt, and danger surround them, will their faith survive? Or will it be Buried in the Snow?

Hosted by John Rhys-Davies

from The Lord of the Rings

Hello there . . . we've been expecting you.

Look at those dark clouds....might be some snow brewing! Speaking of snowstorms, may I introduce you to my friend Jacques? He'd love to tell you his story...a story of a young boy's faith tested under extreme circumstances. Learn how Jacques survived being Buried in the Snow - encountering wolves, avalanche, fire, and more - sustained by the courageous example of his godly grandfather and an intimate knowledge of his Heavenly Father's sovereign goodness.


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Why Listen to this Story?

Over 2 Hours!

Life-Changing Dramatic Audio

  • Build's Christlike character in your life and that of your family.

  • Listeners will be transported to an exciting world where characters are forced to rely upon God as they face the dangers of the bitter cold, snowstorms, and even wolf attacks!

  • Children will see the character traits of perseverance, trust, and patience lived out through the characters of Jacques and his grandfather as they fight to keep their hope alive despite being trapped inside a snow-covered mountain shack.

  • This drama responds to the question of why a good God does not prevent tragic events from happening. With Jacques, listeners will learn that “God is often beyond our understanding, but we are never beyond His love.”

Buried in the Snow - Impossible to Reach Home

Buried in the Snow - Wolves

2-CD Set ($25)

MP3 Download ($20)

Hardcover Edition ($18)