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A 'Strordinary  Little  Maid

Over 2 Hours!

Life-Changing Dramatic Audio

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  • Build Christlike character in your life and that of your family.

  • Encounter the gospel in a fresh, compelling way that meets the deepest heart needs of children, teens, and adults-especially when life hurts and nothing else seems to bring true happiness.

  • Young and old alike will fall in love with the disarming faith of little Peggy and become convinced of the reality that Jesus is the solution for every sick heart.

Why Listen to this Story?

Meet Peggy Perkins. This peculiar maid will delight you

with her extraordinary ability to share the gospel.

Encounter the good news in bold and often humorous color,

as Peggyembraces her mission to send everyone she meets to

the only Physician who can cure sickhearts . . . Read More


A 'Strordinary Little Maid

Hardcover Edition ($20)

2-CD Set ($30)

Hello there . . . we've been expecting you.

Here's what our Executive Producer, Mark Hamby, has to say about this new drama:


"Dear Friends,


As I look back upon 30 years of ministry, there have been several milestones of which I am very thankful and blessed to have been a part. The start of Lamplighter Publishing was what really propelled us into a global ministry. The 200 books published so far have been like the goads and nails that the Preacher talks about in chapter 12 of his Ecclesiastical discourse. The Preacher says to beware of anything beyond words of value, truth, and wisdom, claiming that the writing of anything more than these three is a vain, meaningless, and weary pursuit. Thus my love and passion for our Lamplighter Family Collection of Rare books; words of value, truth, and wisdom are woven throughout!


Then there was the start of Lamplighter Theatre in 2009. After only seven years Lamplighter stories are now heard in 30 countries! Praise God for such a milestone; words of value, truth, and wisdom are not returning void...Read More