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Latest Audio Dramas

The Treasure
of the Secret Cove

The Haunted Room

The Giant Killer

A 'Strordinary Little Maid

Escape from the

Eagle's Nest

Frozen Fire


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My name is Finnian Jones. Allow me to invite you along on a journey of unexpected opportunities, exploration, and inspiration…to a place where anything might happen! Please note the sign to your left….”No eating, drinking, or small thinking beyond this point.”


Are you perplexed by a puzzling predicament, muddled by the mysteries of the mundane, confused at a crossroad of convictions, or wearied by the weight of the world? Then, my friend, I have just the prescription for you. Step with me into the pages of times long past, yet not so very far away. There are some people you need to meet: true heroes who faced adversity with courage, overcame obstacles through faith, grew stronger through suffering, and hoped against hope to receive what was promised. They will show you that you can live by the same hope…a hope that never disappoints.

  • Sir Malcolm and the Missing Prince
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