Inside Look: Doing Foley for Sir Knight of the Splendid Way

We thought you’d enjoy some great photos of the foley production for Sir Knight of the Splendid Way. In these photos is Rob Jorgensen, working his craft in rubber boots and headphones. We were told it took a drive of 100 miles to reach a spot where there would be no noise of traffic!


Announcing our two newest dramas!

Season Three is here with Teddy's ButtonDid you hear the great news? Season Three is coming! Lamplighter Theatre will kick off it’s third season on September 17th with Lamplighter’s all-time best-selling title, Teddy’s Button! Teddy, Nancy, and a host of wondrously colorful characters will bring you laughter, joy, and hope and may even bring you to your knees.

Season Three continues with Sir Knight of the Splendid WayFollowing right on Teddy’s heels on October 22nd will be the dramatic retelling of the harrowing journey of Sir Constant in Sir Knight of the Splendid Way. Prepare yourself to join a brave knight on his epic journey to becoming a knight in the King’s service in the City Splendid.

Listen to our Season 3 premiere promo (below) and be sure to check with your local Christian radio station for air times for Lamplighter Theatre!

Lamplighter Theatre Season 3 Premiere Promo


Building the Bridge to Season 3

Make a donation to Lamplighter TheatreOver the past few months we have had a lot of inquiries about the previously announced productions of Teddy’s Button and Sir Knight of the Splendid Way. Our recordings in London were spectacular. And, though we probably say this every time, these next two dramas are sure to be the best yet! Originally we had planned for one of these dramas to wrap up Season 2 and the other to begin Season 3 in September 2011. But due to financial restrictions we have been unable to continue with the productions.

In just two short years, Lamplighter Theatre has been risen from a dream to reality, now spanning the globe in 20 countries on over 1000 stations. Day after day we receive testimonies from people who’s lives have been deeply affected by these dramas. Overjoyed parents relate the stories of how a drama like A Peep Behind the Scenes or The Basket of Flowers was instrumental in their child coming to know Christ.  For us, no reward could be greater! And that is why we need your help.

It’s easy to assume that Lamplighter Theatre will always be there occupying the same space on your local Christian radio station. It’s easy to think that someone else will pave the way with their financial gifts. But neither is certain. As a ministry we have exhausted the resources available to us as we work within the confines of good stewardship. We have begun to build the bridge, but we need your help to finish it.

The Lord has opened many doors for us to meet with people who have generously donated their time and expertise in assisting us with strategic planning, fundraising, etc. These new relationships are instrumental in the present and future decision making of Lamplighter and we are committed to following God’s direction wherever it may lead. But I believe that God has also set in place a network of faithful Christian families who believe in the power of these dramas as much as we do … and that network is you. Every dollar of your financial gift brings us closer to being able to offer another drama that will bring the message of Christ to the lost.

Help us build the bridge to Season 3 with a financial gift.


London Recording Sessions

West Minster and Big Ben - Lamplighter Theatre in London!I have the great privilege of joining the Lamplighter Theatre team for the next round of recordings in London. Over the course of the nextweek we will be recording two of our best-loved stories – Teddy’s Button and Sir Knight of the Splendid Way. What a fantastic set of stories to be producing! These will surely be among the best!

After we made the official announcement that we would be able to continue with these next two dramas, the whole team set to work on the script, the schedule, and all of the little details that go in to planning these recording sessions. I know that every member of the Lamplighter Theatre team is eager to jump in to these two fabulous stories. We have every reason to expect stellar performances from each of the carefully chosen cast members as we continue to work with some of Britain’s most talented and accomplished voice actors.

The journey thus far has been intense to say the least. Our writers, John Fornof and Kathy Buchanan, began their process under already tight deadlines by creating a proposal for how the stories would be conveyed in the radio drama art form. (The final product is referred to as the outline and functions as a roadmap for the script.) Once approved by executive producers Mark and Deborah Hamby, the official script writing process began.

Scriptwriting and story adaptation is a rigorous process for every talented writer. It requires every ounce of skill to bring a story from the pages of a book into a living form that can be portrayed by accomplished actors and actresses. Our producer/director/writer John Fornof has had a desire to bring Sir Knight of the Splendid Way to Lamplighter Theatre since it’s inception. We can all proudly say that John and the rest of the team have masterfully crafted a truly great script. The same can be said for Kathy Buchanan who took our best selling story, Teddy’s Button, and made it even better! What a wonderful team God has built!

We look forward to bringing you news and media of this weeks efforts… just enough to whet your appetite for these coming productions.

Meanwhile, for those of you who are interested in pursuing theatre, drama, sound design, visual arts, or any other artistic focus, hop on over to the brand new site for the Lamplighter Guild for Creative Disciplines. The Lamplighter Guild is a one week intensive training period where you can learn from some of the great masters of many different creative disciplines. Don’t miss an opportunity like this… enrollment is limited so register soon!


Further Up, and Further In!

We’re moving forward! Lamplighter Theatre’s next two dramas, Teddy’s Button and Sir Knight of the Splendid Way, are about to become a reality. If you are a prayer partner, you are probably aware that over the past few months we have been earnestly seeking the Lord’s direction and have asked that you would do the same on our behalf. After weeks and months of uncertainty and stretching deadlines to the last possible day, the decision has been made that we will continue with our plans for the next two dramas to finish up Season 2.

Recording in London begins January 24th. Our writing team is under extremely tight deadlines over the next few weeks as they work to develop the final script which is due just a few days before recording begins. Please remember them in prayer during the next six weeks.

Don’t miss out on our two newest dramas coming out on CD in the new year:

  • The Wanderer in Africa (January)
  • Buried in the Snow (February)

The Boy of Mount Rhigi Begins Friday

Listen to this!

The Boy of Mount Rhigi – 60 Second Promo

Lamplighter Theatre’s newest drama, The Boy of Mount Rhigi begins airing Friday! Don’t miss the first episode! Check with your local station for air times or visit us on the web at and listen there!

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Recording Buried in the Snow

Today is our second day in the studio to record Buried in the Snow. This very emotional and redemptive drama has the potential to reach countless souls for Christ. Please pray as our main two actors (a grandfather and grandson) have quite the grueling schedule for these three days. Please also pray for our producer/ director who have had minimal sleep for the last two weeks. A production of this scale is more labor intensive than most will ever know. I can only praise God that He has raised up men who are truly willing to sacrifice so much to make this possible.

If there was ever a time when men are standing in the gap it is now. Please pray for them as they direct and record these last two days.

Lamplighter is a non-profit Christian ministry dependent on the support of those who share its mission–to make ready a people prepared for the Lord, by building Christ-like character, one story at a time.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation toward this endeavor, please visit our website today!


Now announcing season 2!

Now announcing two new dramas for Lamplighter Theatre, season 2: Robbers’ Cave and the Boy of Mount Rhigi!

Robbers’ Cave will be released on September 11th–stay tuned for more details!


Download “A Peep Behind the Scenes” Today!


If you’ve not yet had an opportunity to download the FREE audio drama of A Peep Behind the Scenes from our website, please do so right away. Today is the last day to take advantage of this wonderful outreach opportunity. We hope that you will see God work as you share this drama with friends and family this summer. Spread the word!

For more information, see


Season Two has Begun!

Hello again, friends! It’s been an exciting week here at Lamplighter Theatre.

So much has been happening and we need your prayers and support during this time. Our Lamplighter Theatre team flew out to Hollywood last week to record the first ten episodes (two stories) for Season 2. Occasional progress reports trickled in as the actors and production crew were hard at work bringing the scripts to life. And from what we have heard so far, these two new dramas are going to be outstanding! Look for the official announcement of the first new drama in Season 2 from Lamplighter Theatre later this week.

We are very excited about these two dramas. They powerfully present the gospel and inspire hope in our God of impossibilities! We’re also excited to announce that Lamplighter Theatre is now heard in 14 countries–including the Philippines!

Lastly, please pray that we will have the wisdom to know how far to go with Season 2. Presently we have enough oil in the lamp to do these recordings. The Lord is giving us just what we need, when we need it. It would be a wonderful answer to prayer if the Lord would raise up those who possess the resources to propel us forward.